Minzey’s Maze: The Criminal Mind and the State of Michigan: Exclusive Interview with Homicide Detective & Legendary Profiler DAVE MINZEY


Det. David Minzey (Michigan State Police)

Minzey’s Maze:
The Criminal Mind and the State of Michigan:
Exclusive Interview with Homicide Detective & Legendary Profiler DAVE MINZEY
By: Ryan M. Place

Detective First Lieutenant Dave Minzey is the Michigan law enforcement community’s ace in the hole you’ve never heard of. But you should know him. He deserves greater recognition for his tireless service.

This man has been shot, stabbed repeatedly with a pairing knife by a Mexican lady, bitten by a guard dog, suffered wound-to-wound blood exchange with AIDS patient and finally, was in a terrible car accident that required four surgeries to get all the tiny micro shards of broken glass out of his eyeballs.

He has tracked down serial killers, sexual sadists, child molesters and more. Yes, Minzey is the boots-on-the-ground take no guff jack of all trades who exudes a hypnotically calm demeanor. He’s an excellent listener and observer, always silently processing and analyzing things.


Ypsilanti, Michigan

Born 1954 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Dave moved around and grew up in Milford and Flint, before moving back to Ypsi in 8th grade, “I was in the same grade and class as murder victim Dawn Basom at West Junior High in April 1969. Her death really opened my eyes and the whole community’s eyes to the need for strong law enforcement”, he says, “Ypsi is a rare and interesting slice of America. Half the city is hard-working blue collar families and the other half is academia, anchored by Eastern Michigan University. EMU is a great school for working people to send their kids to college. There’s occasional tension between townies and students but overall the university and the town mesh well together.”


The beautiful campus of Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI)

Minzey graduated from Ypsilanti High School in 1973 and enrolled at EMU. “My Father, Mother, two brothers, and sister all went to EMU. My father Jack Minzey got his B.A. 1950 when it was Michigan State Normal College, got his M.A. at UofM and PhD at MSU in educational leadership, then returned to teach education at EMU for 25 years from 1967-1992. We have a rich history there.”

Dave himself received his B.S. in Political Science 1978 and M.A. in Educational Leadership 1989 at EMU. “In the early 70’s, I applied to the EMU Campus Police Department, became a Dispatcher, then enrolled and completed the Wayne County Police Academy at Schoolcraft College in Livonia. I had the unique opportunity to work as a police officer while still attending EMU. This experience was invaluable and also exposed me to the police culture surrounding the University and its relationship to Ypsi.”


Michigan State Police

For over 20 years, from 1978-2001, Minzey served in the Michigan State Police as a Trooper, Detective Sergeant, Detective Lieutenant and Detective First Lieutenant. “Every enlisted member of the State Police starts out as a trooper working the road. If you survive recruit school and graduate, you are assigned to a Post. I was sent to the Niles Post. A busy post covering two counties, Niles is on the state line, just north of South Bend, Indiana. Interestingly, Niles was a favorite destination of Chicago gangsters in the roaring 1920’s who flocked to the dance halls around Barron Lake.”

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Exclusive Article: ‘Swar-Mandir’ is Manjula Verma’s Sitar School in Detroit!


Manjula Verma (Detroit, MI)

Learning How to Play the Indian Sitar in Detroit with
Master Lady Sitarist Manjula Verma

By: Ryan M. Place

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
Aldous Huxley (1931)

*This is a long article with 3 parts:

Narrative Lesson, History of India, Links.

The sitar is a beautiful stringed musical instrument from India. Yes, it is considered “exotic” by most Americans and can be somewhat intimidating with its complicated and beautiful musical syntax but learning to play the sitar will definitely relax you. Plus it’s just fun to play.

Manjula Verma runs the ‘Swar-Mandir School of North Indian Classical Music’ in Canton, Michigan. Having such a rare treasure in the form of a talented lady sitarist from New Delhi here in Southeast Michigan, located only 30mins west of downtown Detroit, is truly an incredible opportunity for musicians and lovers of great music to expand their range of capabilities and appreciation.


Manjula Verma in Detroit

Born in India, Manjula Verma learned Hindustani (North Indian) classical music early on in life and received her Master’s degree in music from highly esteemed Kurukshetra University. She later moved to the United States and has been teaching here ever since.


New Delhi to Detroit!

A few years ago, with a sitar loaned to me by my musical pot-smoking woodcarver Uncle Hippie, I began taking lessons from Miss Verma after I saw her pamphlet at McKenny Union back when I was a student at Eastern Michigan University.

The ritual is always the same. I arrive for my one hour long lesson. We bow to each other with praying hands and greet with “Namaste”. We then sit barefoot facing each other atop a rug on the floor of her living room. She helps me tune my sitar and then teaches me a raag (song). Sometimes we use an electronic tabla to help keep the beat.

Namaste (pronounced ‘nah-mah-stay’) is a Hindi greeting between Master and student. The student says it first to the Master then the Master says it to the student. Namaste essentially breaks down to a dual-meaning of “I honor the Atman and the light within you” & “may the power within you be strong.”


Namaste in Sanskrit

Manjula Verma then transmits her Gharana. “Gharana” is the musical dynasty/lineage of whomever you study with and learn to play from. When you learn a Master’s style of playing, you learn their ‘gharana’. For instance, I’m a disciple of Manjula Verma’s Swar Mandir gharana.

Should you be lucky enough to study with Miss Verma (aka: Ustad Guruji Manju) and learn her Gharana, it will be an immensely positive life-changing experience for you. Just remember that consistency is key to solid accelerated development of your sitar skills. Ideally, you should plan on taking lessons for 30mins/wk or 1hr/wk but whatever you can swing is good.

You can learn the sitar at any age. Also, you do not need to actually own a sitar, since Miss Verma has numerous sitars available for playing and rental.

Exclusive Article: Fresh From the Morgue (Retired That Is): Former Detroit Morgue Senior Investigator Marc Hulet Speaks!

By: Ryan M. Place


Marc Hulet, retired Senior Investigator for the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office (aka: the Detroit Morgue)

Papa Hulet, as he is affectionately called by friends and family, has had a remarkable career investigating suspicious deaths of all types. Homicides, suicides, autoerotic asphyxiation, gang victims, Mafia killings, blunt force trauma, stabbings, thermal burns, meth lab explosions, scraping brain matter off walls with putty knives, etc, you name it, Marc Hulet has handled it. “Decomp fluid, worst smell in the world. It’s the stickiest oiliest shit imaginable”, he says. “I’ve also fallen into the Detroit River while getting a body out of the water. It’s not very pleasant to surface gasping for air next to bobbing corpses.”


Sigma Tau Gamm @ Central Michigan University

Born in 1951 in Pontiac, Hulet attended Stevenson Livonia High School before attending Central Michigan University 1969-1973. Hulet was a Sigma Tau Gamma, graduated with a B.S. in Public Health Education and stayed inside the jock dorm Barnard Hall, “CMU was a great baseball school. Serial killer John Norman Collins stayed inside Barnard Hall when he went to CMU back in ’66. He then went to EMU and pledged Theta Chi and the saying at the time when I was in school was ‘Be a Thete and kill your date’ because of Collins.”


Detroit Morgue

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Detroit Casting Call

Talented local Detroit filmmaker Edward Goree is seeking an all-black cast for his short ‘Never Forget’ which will shoot inside a local school.

Read-thru will be held Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 from 3pm-8pm in the basement of the Fisher Building (3011 W. Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI).

This is an open call and scripts will be provided on the spot.

Mr. Goree graduated Eastern Michigan University with a film degree and is busy developing and shopping around several of his full-length feature screenplays.

Mr. Goree lives in Detroit and you will see alot of great things from this gentleman in the near future!

Please email for more info: edward.goree@margravepictures.com






Talent Call

Hello! Margrave Pictures is currently looking to shoot short segments on a variety of talent such as: trick pool shooters, obscure instrument players (ie: sitar, glockenspiel, vibraphone, etc.), gorgeous ladies, performance poetry, music vids, etc.

If you can do something interesting and unusual or know somebody who is extremely interesting or unusual or has some rare film-worthy talent or ability, please contact us with the exact information. Thank you!