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Where Dafux Waldo? (2017)

One obsessed man is driven to the brink of insanity in his search for hunting down the ever-elusive Waldo in this psychological thriller. 

Starring: Ed Clark, Paul Rambo, Ziggy Horn


Back on the Ranch (2018)

To ordinary people, ranch dressing is merely a condiment. To Dave Conte, ranch dressing is the most precious substance in the universe.

Ranch dressing extends life, ranch dressing extends consciousness, ranch dressing is vital to extra-dimensional travel. 

Starring: Dave Conte, Paul Rambo, Bobby Darby, Dane Radley, Mama Jo, Joe Bowman, Scott Cashmore


Boris the Porkchop Thief Part II: Vicious as the Serpent (2018)

Boris and Dmitry are hired by Russian Olga Gazpacho to steal something from The Serpent.

They steal the Snake Statue of Amitahraba. They find The Serpent hid it in a cave inside Lookout Mountain. They find gold coins and dinosaur bones by torch light. They find themselves mercilessly pursued by The Serpent and his shadow army of hired killers and insurance salesmen. 

Everything together forms a key, which unlocks a newly created door to an ancient mystery.  

Starring Dave Conte & Jon Conte


Coach Rackenack Part II: Suck My Chuckles (2018)

Coach Rack is back!

Coach Rack and The Fitstapo, his coterie of sadistic assistants with tight shorts and bad attitudes, force-feed a new generation the classic Coach Rackenese. 

Coach Rack encounters new hurdles & new enemies and devises new punishments to blast the flab off his maggots. 

Starring: Bobby Darby


April Showers Bring May Flowers (2018)

Story of a girl, Melody, who feels unnoticed, neglected, unappreciated when she unexpectedly finds a man who loves her for who she is and not what society pressures her to become. In her soul mate Jason, Melody finds the strength to grow beyond society’s pressure to conform to impossible standards.


Baba Judas is…BLACK! By Popular Demand (2019)

Edward Clark III stars as ghetto super-hero Baba Judas, battling elitist wealth in the form of evil white crooked businessman Rutherford Q. Bailey.

RQ helps enforce segregation by being Super Boss of the Detroit ghetto drug markets via Rutherford’s main street dealer, crooked girl named Latorsha ‘Fishguts’ Boodle. Baba Judas kicks ass and gets revenge for the entire community as things get sexy and supernatural. 

Margrave Pictures is inventing a new wave of blaxploitation with this movie that we are calling ‘Detroitsploitation’.

This movie heavily influenced by Place’s VHS tape collection of blaxploitation gems: Coffy, The Human Tornado, The Mack, Dolemite, Sweet Sweetback, Detroit 9000, Petey Wheatstaw, Belly, the Avenging Disco Godfather, Across 110th Street, etc. And exploitation gems: Assault on Precinct 13, Switchblade Sisters, Return of the Chinese Boxer, the Fatal Flying Guillotine, etc.


Lovebundle (2019)

Full-length feature comedy about a psychoanalyst, his mistress, manipulation, intrigue and a shocking multi-million dollar heist!


Russell Shermann: Justice for One (2019)

The one man no junkie wants to see. The one man whose very name makes citizens crouch in fear. The one man everybody knows but are scared to death of is back…Russell Shermann!

After Shakey Rick besieges the city with Square One, a drug more addictive than heroin, there’s only one man who can stop him. A man willing to jeopardize everyone’s life in the process. A killcrazy insanely focused sadist detective is brought out of retirement and he’s not leaving until every junkie in HIS city is dead! JUSTICE FOR ONE, JUSTICE FOR RUSSELL SHERMANN…


Bobby Darby as Russell Shermann

Written & Directed by:

Ryan M. Place & Paul Jason Rambo


Packin Heat (2020)

Full-length feature comedy about a South Dakota rapper named Ill Fellow searching for a fabled magic egg in Southeast Michigan than will help his rap group, ‘Packin Heat’, go triple platinum.


Paul Jason Rambo

Written & Directed by:

Ryan M. Place and Paul Jason Rambo