Welcome to Margrave Pictures. Margrave Pictures is a private, global film production and distribution company based in Detroit, Michigan. Margrave Pictures handles a variety of independent projects in various stages of development and strives for original, high-quality, compelling short and feature length projects including:

Motion Pictures

Independent television shows

Independent commercials


Music videos

Performance Poetry compilations

And more!

Founded on January 1, 2010 and owned by Detroit native Ryan M. Place, Margrave Pictures seeks to provide independents with resources and exposure denied to them by media conglomerates.

Margrave Pictures is dedicated to producing original works and multi-genre films with a focus on content, strong characters, well-developed plots and overall outstanding quality. Our script development department handles script coverage and our analysts/consultants implement strict formatting standards for screenplays. Margrave Pictures does not accept unsolicited submissions, specs, loglines or treatments.

With our diversified portfolio, we are constantly handling a sizeable volume of independent productions due to excellent global tax incentives and the increase of audience demand for Margrave Pictures. Through dedicated cooperation, we are able to self-distribute all of our projects. The atmosphere at Margrave Pictures is total DIY creative control. Our viability is sustained through third party venture capital and private equity financing.